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Linear Amp Gemini Solid State Linear Amplifiers

The all new solid state linear amplifiers built on an all aluminium chassis with integral power supply.


Designed, manufactured and assembled entirely the UK, the all new GEMINI linear amplifier range are solid state linear amplifiers for HF and VHF.

The ALL NEW Gemini HF-1K will be coming to the market soon providing a high spectral puruty 1kW output with a frequency range of 460KHz - 50MHz. Incorporating auto band selection, full QSK and high duty cycle the HF-1K is capable of operation on 120-250V AC input power as standard.

The Gemini 300W amplilfiers for 6/4m, 2m and 70cms Designed to fill a market gap between the low power outputs of transverters and smaller rigs and the 1kW plus amplifiers that not all users want or can afford the Gemini range combines low drive requirements with instant-on solid state performance in a compact stylish aluminium package. The Gemini 23 provides 200W output on 23cms.

With an RF section designed exclusively for us by Chris Bartram GW4DGU (of Mutek fame) Gemini uses the latest Freescale or NXP LDMOS devices for high performance and maximum ruggedness.

The amplifiers are designed to meet the requirements of ETSI EN 301 7831 v1.2.1 with regard to conducted spurious emissions.

With built in protection for overdrive, High SWR and Over Temperature, solid reliable performance at high outputs for long periods is ensured.


GEMINI is a complete turnkey solution incorporating an internal 50V power supply so no external PSU is required.